Gynecology is the medical practice dealing with the health of the female reproductive system. Almost all modern gynecologists are also obstetricians. Improved access to education and the professions in recent decades has seen women gynecologists outnumber men in the once male-dominated medical field of gynecology.

In some gynecological sub-specialties, where an over-representation of males persists, income discrepancies appear to show male practitioners earning higher averages.

Speculations on the decreased numbers of male gynecologist practitioners report a perceived lack of respect from within the medical profession, limited future employment opportunities and even questions to the motivations and character of men who choose the medical field concerned with female sexual organs. Some high profile cases of prosecutions of male gynecologists for sex assault of patients may act as a deterrent for some considering whether to enter the field.

Surveys of women's views on the issue of male doctors conducting intimate examinations show a large and consistent majority found it uncomfortable, were more likely to be embarrassed and less likely to talk openly or in detail about personal information, or discuss their sexual history with a man. The findings raised questions about the ability of male gynecologists to offer quality care to patients. This, when coupled with more women choosing female physicians has decreased the employment opportunities for men choosing to become gynecologists. In the modern age the gyaenechological disease is a very common type of disease in our socities. Most of the women are suffering from such disease so we have planned to open gyaenechological department at our international Islamic charity hospital. We deal with the significant women disease like disimprovement in women health, infertility and dysmenorrheal. We also pass through the laparoscopic test during the gynecological treatment of women health. At our Gyaenechology department we are having ultra modern laboratory with highly sensing robotic equipment which can provide best results on acute and chronic disease related to gyaenechological cases. Our expert Gynaenecologist, Obstetrician and dedicated medical staff are ready for your service 24/7 at our institutions.